Welcome to Beirholm

We engineer and design sustainable textiles right here. At our office and laboratory in Denmark. Welcome inside.

Our family business spans 150 years of history and 5 generations

Home to the sustainable performance technology BeirTex®

Looks brand-new after 300 wash cycles
We tested our new Q784 BeirTex® quality in a real laundry. After 300 wash cycles with ironing at 170 degrees, we are proud to say - it looks similar to a brand-new bed linen

40% less microplastic
The renowned German textile institute Hohenstein tested our BeirTex®-technology textiles. Compared to a textile with 10% more polyester-content, our BeirTex®-technology released 40% less microplastic

Lower ressource consumption in laundry
A recent performance-test showed that our BeirTex®-infused towels reduced total washing cycle time by 26% compared to standard 100% cotton towels. Similar consumption. 26% extra towels processed